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Mississippi voters ready for Tuesday

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  After months of attacks and counterattacks, debates and rallies, the political rhetoric is basically over.  Did Barack Obama do enough to earn another four years as President of the United States?  Or has Mitt Romney convinced enough Americans that he belongs in the White House? 

Don't forget, tomorrow's election includes a 4th District Congressional race, featuring the incumbent Steven Palazzo.  There's also a Senate race on Mississippi ballots, as Roger Wicker tries to win a six year term in the United States Senate. 

Be sure you cast your vote tomorrow.  And then, we encourage you to watch that vote be counted on WLOX ABC, WLOX CBS, WLOX.com and the WLOX Facebook page.  

Mississippi is sending more assistance to the east coast to help Superstorm Sandy victims put their lives back together.  About 50 members of the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol's Special Operations Group made the 15 hour trip to New Jersey after a request from Gov. Chris Christie to Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant.  The troopers are prepared to spend as long as 15 days in New Jersey.  

Gautier High School held one of its biggest events of the year Monday morning, the annual Veterans Breakfast.  For 13 years, the school has been inviting veterans to partake in the breakfast.  This year around 400 veterans and their families attended.  After the ceremony, students had an opportunity to shake hands with veterans and thank them for their service. 

Have a great night.

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