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No 'Voter ID' required at the polls Tuesday

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

On the eve of the presidential election, voter identification is still a hot button issue with some Mississippi voters.

The state's constitutional amendment requiring I.D. cannot be used in this election because it still has not gotten justice department approval.

And much of Monday was spent clarifying the issue.

"You do not need I.D. for the 2012 election."  That's what the Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, Senator Kenneth Wayne Jones of Canton said.

 He was responding to a call by Governor Phil Bryant last week saying that even though I.D. is not required it should be shown at the polling place voluntarily.

When asked what was wrong with that, Senator Jones said, "Putting that type of information out, when you are the chief official, that insults almost half of your constituents and that's wrong, it's insulting and it misrepresents the truth with our state law."

Earlier in the day, the NAACP held an election eve news conference to also make it clear the only voter I.D. requirement is for those voting for the first time when they registered by mail. 

Derrick Johnson, State President of the NAACP, also commented on the governor's suggestion.

"And I think for Governor Bryant to try to mislead on what the state of the law is, the state of the law is there is no proof of identification required.  Individuals have the right, if they so choose, to present identification, that's their choice. But it is not a policy of the state of Mississippi to require identification."

The NAACP wants to remind voters about a statewide election protection program, designed to educate voters and volunteers about voting rights here in the state.

Call 1-888-601-VOTE (1-888-601-8683) for professional and legal assistance to help resolve any problems on Election Day.

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