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New home almost ready for east Biloxi mom


For Jana Gonzalez, it's a dream come true.  "I'm just overjoyed. It's been a long time coming, a long time waiting, I can't believe it's actually here." Gonzalez said. 

The same holds true for her daughter Mia.  "We've been waiting for about three years now, maybe almost four I think, but we've been waiting that long for a house and then suddenly, poof, we chose you for a house and I'm like wow." Mia exclaimed. 

The Women in Construction workers even amazed themselves on what can happen in just five days. Julie Kuklinski is the Program Director.  "The progress has been incredible. The volunteers have such a big heart and we could not do this without all of the energy and the work in this community. It's just been absolutely wonderful." Kuklinski said.

There's absolutely no doubt this women in construction build is a labor of love. That the volunteers are gaining something that they'll never forget. However, they're also gaining something else, something that can be used in the future. 

Carol Burnett is with Moore Community House.  "It is an amazing win-win situation. For the women who are the students to be able to obtain these jobs skills, and at the same time contribute to the rebuilding of the community." Moore explained.

The Kaiser Permanente Health Care Company also supplied dozens of volunteers for the build this week, and also paid for all the materials to build the home.

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