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Coast restaurants and residents helping Sandy victims


Some coast restaurants are stepping in to help, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

We stopped by Shaggy's on the beach in Biloxi, and saw a lot of supplies donated by various people.  The donations included a large box of clothing, donated by a man who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

Shaggy's on the beach in Biloxi and Pass Christian, are just two of the locations accepting donations.  So are the Shed locations in Jackson County and Gulfport, as well as Scranton's in Pascagoula.

This is part of a national effort, called Operation BBQ Relief, or OBR.  It was formed after the tornado's that devastated Missouri two years ago.  "We go in and do disaster response," OBR's director of marketing Patrick Banks told us.  Banks, and all the other people associated with OBR, are volunteers.

Linda Orrison's Shed restaurant's are helping to organize the relief effort here on the coast for storm victims.  Orrison said she joined OBR, after hearing their story at a barbecue convention a couple of years ago.

"We have had a tremendous response from the public so far," Orrison said. Orrison added that they like what OBR does, and she pointed out that every cent of your donation, goes to the relief efforts. No one receives a salary at OBR.

With all the devastation up north, OBR needs donations now from the generous people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"Any non perishable items people can donate," according to Victoria Raskett of Shaggy's."We will gladly take any donations of aluminum foil, cans of food, hand soaps, anything the barbecue teams could need," Raskett told WLOX News.

Perhaps the most important thing someone can do, is open up their purses or wallets. OBR's Patrick Banks said it takes money to make all this happen.

Monetary donations can be made by clicking here. 


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