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Detonated flare rattles parts of Pass Christian


A WLOX viewer contacted the television station, and let us know about "a very, very loud boom-like explosion" near Second Street and Market Street. contacted fire chief Dwight Gordon.  He told us he also heard the explosion.  As soon as he did, he called his dispatchers to see what that was.

Here's what he found out.  A military flare washed ashore in Pass Christian Friday morning.  City emergency teams called a unit at Hurlbert Field in Pensacola, Florida.  About three hours later, that unit arrived on Pass Christian's waterfront.  And a short time later, the military team detonated the flare.

Chief Gordon said this was probably the fourth time this year a flare was discovered on the Pass Christian beachfront.  But it was the first time the military came in and blew it up.

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