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Isaac victims pick up free food


As hurricane relief heads to the Northeast here at home victims of Isaac continue to receive help to bounce back from that storm.

Thousands of pounds of food were distributed in Hancock County Wednesday.

Greater Mount Zion Church in Pearlington was the place where Hancock County residents picked up some free groceries.

"It's about doing the work of the church and doing the work of the church is feeding the hungry," said Pastor Cornelius Hilliard.

Many of the people who showed up did so because Hurricane Isaac left them short of cash.

"When you have to clean up after a big storm that comes through you don't have much money left for the normal things of life. So this has been a real blessing,"said Pearlington resident Jean Collins.

"They had a double whammie. Not only is the economy bad, but the storm came. So many people were already strapped for cash. So the resources we were able to get we're just trying to share it with our community," said the church pastor.

Boxes of cereal, peanut butter, beans and rice, and canned vegetables were just some of the food handed out.

"It's a blessing. I need it with this economy the way it is, we need this. You can't afford to buy anything hardly. You get the cereal and you are thankful for it. Now you've got to try to get the money to buy the milk," Hancock county resident Edith Fields said.

Seventeen thousand pounds from the Bay Area food bank based in Theodore, AL was distributed.

Church leaders said some 300 Hancock county residents benefited from the distribution.

Jean Collins, who gets by with only a monthly social security check is grateful for the help.

"It's going to mean that I don't have to go to the store for another week or two probably another three weeks," Collins said.

Another round of food will be handed out next Wednesday from noon until 3pm at the same location.

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