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Pass Christian harbor plans modified


Higher than expected bids prompted city leaders in Pass Christian to modify plans for the new harbor. Construction is already well underway on that $33 million plus project. 

The harbor project was divided into three phases. The phase one dredging work is already finished and phase two, which involves concrete pilings, is wrapping up. 

Bids for the final phase came in higher than expected and required some cutbacks. Pass Christian's new harbor is beginning to take shape.

The mayor, who's keeping close tabs on the progress, is pleased with what he now sees along the waterfront. 

"A lot of people didn't think this was going to happen. So, we can tell them to take a look now and see if they think it's going to happen. It's nice," said Mayor Chipper McDermott. 

After phase three bids came in much higher than expected, city leaders needed to rework the ambitious plans. 

"We had to go back and do a little modification. One of them is, there was going to be 240 slips in this harbor. So, the commercial we left alone, which is 120. And there was going to be 120 on the pleasure side. We've cut that pleasure side down to 60 slips from the original 120. You can always add on to it," said McDermott. 

A "splash pad" that was included in the original plans has also been deleted to cut costs. 

Commercial fishing and seafood will be the heartbeat of the new harbor. Seafood wholesalers now located at the foot of Market Street will have new facilities at the foot of Davis Street. 

"We had to cutback a couple million dollars. Because this stuff is very expensive, we needed to go ahead and get the harbor finished. The commercial is the reason we got the harbor, so we didn't touch any of that, that will all stay the same," says the mayor. 

It's not just the $33 million plus harbor project that excites the mayor. He's confident this new harbor will spur additional economic development in the city. 

"Absolutely. And they're talking. There's a lot of talk. Land is starting to move and land that's not moving, is starting to get inquiries," said Mayor McDermott. 

The new bids for the phase three work will be opened November 28th.  The harbor project should be finished by the end of next year. 

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