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The new Edd's Drive-In is already a big hit


With a flip of the sign, the new Edd's is open for business. The diner is packed. In the kitchen, a flurry of activity, not to mention, helpful instructions from managers. 

The iconic Pascagoula landmark, has been operating in downtown since the 1950s. Now Edd's is expanding into the Wade community of Jackson County.

Why open a new location? 

Walker Foster is one of Edd's Co-Owners, "A lot of the people from Pascagoula moved up here after Katrina so we're happy to get to this point for us and for them," Foster said. 

The reception has been overwhelming, according to Foster's wife, Joanne.

"It's privilege to be here in this community," Joanne said. "How many businesses can come into a community and have them say, ‘When are you coming? When are you coming? When, when is it going to open?'"   

Of course, this is a feel-good story. A drive-in with a 60 year reputation, serving up some of the tastiest treats Jackson County has even seen. But there's also a serious side to this story. And that serious side is new jobs, 28 of them. 

Susan Goldman was hired as the diner's manager.  

"It feels wonderful. I am so excited about being part of this legacy," Goldman said. "Not only is it great for me as needing a job, I'm a member of this community as well. It's awesome, it really is."

Even though the food is old fashioned, getting the word out is not. Social media has played a big role.  Al Brimm is another co-owner. 

"We've just started posting pictures and some statements on Facebook and we've had a huge following on it," Brimm explained. "I think it's a real easy way for us to stay in touch with the people who "Like" Edd's Drive-in." 

So what do the customers think? James Wells is one of customers.

"It's beautiful, beautiful, got more space and everything," Wells gushed.  

What about the chili cheeseburger?  

"Oh I love it. It's my favorite," Wells added.

Jerry Axton is another customer.

"I was going to try and be first in line for this new place. And it's a pleasure and I hope to see it succeed and really help the Hurley area," Axton said. 

Judging from the lines, there's no doubt it will. 

Even with the new look, Edd's will have the same menu as the Pascagoula location. Some of the favorites include the chili cheeseburger, the patty melt, and of course, handmade milk shakes.

The new diner is on Highway 63, about 14 miles north of Interstate 10 in the Wade Community.

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