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Jackson County will send help to east coast storm victims


Jackson County's emergency responders are preparing to spring into action to help communities devastated by Sandy. County leaders believe their experience with storm recovery will make a big difference on the East Coast.

Jackson County's former emergency management director Butch Loper said his heart goes out to folks on the East Coast.

He said he knows they will need a lot of helping hands to recover from Sandy's destruction.

"If you were here during Katrina especially in the position like I was in as the director of emergency management, and you saw all the different people from the different states that came to offer their assistance to us and how much of a help it was to us and our citizens," Loper said.

Loper has now volunteered to return the favor. Thursday, he will be trekking miles away to assist storm victims in Maryland with their public assistance needs.

"It could be water issues, it could be sewer and water issues, and it could be the governmental buildings are damaged," Loper said. "It could be a whole gambit of things when it comes to disasters."

Deputy EMA Director Terry Jackson is also preparing to head east.

"I will be working in areas in individual assistance, operations, could be put in the areas of planning," Jackson said.

County officials said just looking at Sandy's widespread devastation; the extra manpower is a must.

"To be able to get through a disaster like this it takes everybody, hands on, with as much experience as you can get. It really, really makes a difference," Jackson said.

Board of Supervisors President John McKay agreed. McKay said he hopes more South Mississippians will jump in and help.

"I hope that we can get something together as far as our local churches and stuff and collect supplies and send forward up there just like they did for us back during Katrina and other disasters. I hope all that comes about and we will be working toward those goals," McKay said.

McKay said several other county first responders are on standby to help.

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