Postal Employees Working Overtime

Post office employees are putting in plenty of overtime this month.

The holiday season means long hours and aching muscles. Behind the scenes, postal workers are busy making certain your Christmas cards and holiday packages get where they're going on time.

Holiday packages keep postal workers on an overtime schedule. Late December brings the busiest time of year.

"We have made a lot of adjustments to provide, try to provide our customers with better service, improved service every year. And basically get the presents home to the kids," said Biloxi postmaster, Mike Bertucci.

One adjustment involves assigning some workers to "parcels only". Christmas packages get special treatment.

"If the regular carrier took them, they take up a lot of space in the vehicle, so we use additional help. Works out real well. Customers get their gifts on time," said Bertucci.

As mail carriers punch the clock, the sorting of cards and packages is well underway. Postal workers at the new West Biloxi branch are thankful they're working in a new facility.

"Down there it was six thousand square feet. We're looking at 13 thousand here. So, we have twice the space. Carriers are spread out a little more, you can see that. So, they're a little happier not being so crunched up," said customer service manager, Jerry Wieck.

Sonha Mayatte is happy and busy. The holiday season means 12 hour work days for the postal worker.

She's ready for a rest at the end of each day.

"Very tired. Usually when I get home I just lay on the couch and that's it. And get ready for the next morning."

If your holiday package isn't among those on the way to its destination, don't worry, you still have a little bit of time. Postal workers will be handling priority and express mail packages, right up until Christmas.

"We will have people on the streets Christmas Day delivering express mail. And any parcels that have the apparent look of a Christmas present," said Bertucci.