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Americans spend big bucks on Halloween


At Walmart, there are aisles of candy and costumes. Even the smallest shoppers are enticed by the spirit of Halloween. So are store managers like Jerry Rankin. 

"Everything seems to be selling well this year. We're selling a lot of kid's costumes, Spiderman, all the cartoons are selling great this year," Rankin said.

So why are they buying?

"I think they're feeling more confident," Rankin explained. "I think they're just wanting to get out and have a little fun this year."

At Spirit of Halloween, shoppers are given a warm welcome by a not so friendly ghost. Nothing like that kind of a greeting to get you in the mood to buy. Transforming your home into a ghoul's paradise is big this year. 

Nicholas Dunnell is the store manager of Spirit of Halloween.

"Decorations are selling pretty good. They started off slow, but we actually picked up. We had the swinging zombie girl and our jumping spiders, they've all sold really well." Dunnell said. "A lot of stuff that we didn't think was going to sell right away, the warehouse didn't, but they sold off the shelves by the end of September." 

One of the people clearing those shelves was Sabrina Slayton. 

She arrived to put some extra fun in her daughter's life.

"It's always great when you come home with something new and see the smile on their face and it brightens their day and brightens your day in return," Slayton said.  

Of course, one of the staples of any big Halloween celebration is candy, and plenty of it. But what are some of the other hot items that are going this year. 

Dunnell offered this advice, "The biggest trend this year has been the morph suits. We have something called "Superskins" and both adults and kids are flying off the shelves." 

The sound of a ringing cash register may not be scary, but it's the one sound retailers love to hear this time of year.

Officials with the National Retail Federation said the average person spent about $73 on Halloween items last year. That amount will rise to almost $80 this year.

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