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More businesses could be coming to east Biloxi


You may soon see more businesses coming to east Biloxi. FEMA has granted the city more than $100 million to fix up the streets and infrastructure. Ward Two Councilman Bill Stallworth said this is just the start of a new beginning for a section of the city that's been struggling to come back from Hurricane Katrina.

Biloxi resident Michael Hillie said, "I think if business picks up it will be better for the east Biloxi community. Because as you can see most of east Biloxi has been going down and we need to do more things to pick up east Biloxi."

Hillie has spent more than 40 years in east Biloxi. He said it's time to see restaurants, clothing stores and other businesses set up shop in the community.

Hillie said, "I think it will be a whole lot of help to east Biloxi. Give positive things to do."

Bill Stallworth said, "These are the things that build communities. These are the things that we have to do to try and entice people back to the area."

Stallworth said the area has such a rich history and is a prime place for re-development.

"Basically we are trying to find new business opportunities. We have several new restaurants that are opening up on the downtown area. We are looking to get some additional arts and cultural events going on down there," said Stallworth.

In addition to that Stallworth said FEMA has granted east Biloxi nearly $130 million to help re-vamp the appearance.

Stallworth added, "We are currently fighting to try and really get the streets improved there."

He said the city is currently in talks with engineers about replacing sidewalks and roads.

"We've been very busy continuing to improve and work on our community and make these communities very sustainable. So, this becomes an attractive area. We want to try and attract visitors to the east Biloxi area," Stallworth said.

Stallworth said he is working with the city and engineers to get the street project up and running.

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