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Rally in front of old east Biloxi school


Saturday morning people flooded the front of Nichols Elementary School in Biloxi rallying to re-open the school. Save Our Schools has been trying to get the city of Biloxi to re-open for nearly two years.

James Crowell said, "Nichols School needs to be reopened."

Save Our Schools continues its fight. Its push is for Nichols Elementary to reopen its doors.

Beatrice Lee-Pargo said, "This is a star performance school that we are supporting. And they've closed down, and we are still paying for it. We don't understand that."

Lee-Pargo has been involved with Save Our Schools for the past two years trying to make a difference. She said the current schools children attend in east Biloxi aren't up to par.

"We need to reopen Nichols right now because this school that they are going to is overcrowded, so we want to put the kids in a class where they have enough room and enough teachers to do what they need to do. I think the hearts are being changed at the superintendent office at the school and even in the city hall," said Pargo.

Biloxi Schools released this statement about Nichols Elementary School through city spokesman Vincent Creel.

"It's a matter of having students in east Biloxi. And we don't have the student population in east Biloxi to warrant the reopening of Nichols. Once the attendance is strong enough to reopen any school, the school system will look into that."

Pargo added, "We want something bad enough, we have to fight for it, and that's what we are doing today. We are going to continue to fight for it until its open."

Crowell said, "We've got to stand up and continue to stand up for Nichols School."

Members of the Steps Coalition did attend the rally in support of Save Our Schools, but did not want to appear on camera.

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