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WLOX Editorial: Jackson County Drug Task Force should reunite

It's time for all egos and politics to be set aside in Jackson County and make sure the public is protected from illegal drugs. For the past several weeks we have heard from the police chiefs of Pascagoula and Moss Point saying they are pulling out of the Jackson County Drug Task Force. Then we have Sheriff Mike Byrd saying residents will not be affected by this split.

This all stems from a prank or horseplay at a gathering of the task force where a gun was fired into the ground and one person was slightly injured.

Some Jackson County Supervisors say it makes sense to work together. And we agree with them.

In an age when there is a need to consolidate to save money, splitting up the task force doesn't make sense. Having separate narcotic units will not result in the communication needed between departments to win the war on drugs.

The sheriff says it was a personnel issue with those making a mistake disciplined. A grand jury will look into the issue.

But we hope the bigger problem of police agencies in Jackson County pulling apart can be rectified. If not, then you will see each agency vying for the same grants and money that could be combined to provide a much better, coordinated drug enforcement effort.

We hope in the coming weeks all sides can get together and find a way to bring back a united drug task force. Jackson County residents deserve nothing less.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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