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Biloxi finishes landscaping at White Ave. fountain


The historic Biloxi fountain that sits on White Avenue has a fresh look. That's because Thursday the city wrapped up landscaping work framing the fountain.

"We think this is one of our greater landmarks on the Gulf Coast. It ranks up there with Katrina sculptures, with the Biloxi lighthouse and everything you see in our median," Public Affairs Manager for the City of Biloxi, Vincent Creel, said.

Originally built in the 1920s, decades later the historic jewel continues to catch people's eyes. Creel said on an average day nearly 40,000 people pass by the fountain.

"It's such a high profile location we wanted to do what we could to spruce it up."

So the city's Parks and Recreation Beautification team planted 52 White Indian Hawthorne plants.

"And these plants, what we hope they are going to do is all grow together and they are going to create a shrub that is going to in circle the White House fountain," said Creel.

Creel said once fully grown, the plants will stand about three feet tall, just high enough to outline this city treasure.

"What they are going to do is in the spring they are going to be blooming white," said Creel. "We though it was very appropriate to pick white Indian Hawthorne's as opposed to pink because it is the White House Fountain on White Avenue."

Creel added, "We're going to replace the base of the fountain with a better paint and we are going to remove all the sand."

During that phase of the project Creel said all of the lights inside the fountain will be repaired.

"So when you pass here at night you're going to see a light show that will be something fitting to add to the allure of our Gulf Coast," added Creel.

The fountain was originally built as part of the White House Hotel that sat on the north side of Highway 90. The project should be completed in the next few months.

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