Saints Young Quarterback Comes Of Age

Aaron Brooks has taken charge... igniting the New Orleans Saints offense with his scrambling ability and pin-point passing. After sitting on the bench with Green Bay last season as a rookie.. Brooks has mystified defenders with his athletic skills and positive attitude.

The 24-year-old quarterback doesn't get butterflies saying, "I'm very confident, very confident. Not to say I'm cocky. I'm very confident because I know what's going on and I read defenses well. I understand what defenses are trying to do to us. I don't think there's any sense of being nervous."

Offensive lineman Kyle Turley has been another big factor in the Saints success. He also believes in the talents and leadership of Aaron Brooks. Turley says, "Without Aaron stepping in and playing the way he has we wouldn't be where we are today. You can't have a quarterback change like that. We've gone through it the past two years here. We've gone through four quarterbacks and every time a quarterback goes down the past two years here. It hasn't been a pretty site. But you get a special kid like Aaron Brooks, who's got the talent that he has, he can come in and make things happen."

Aaron Brooks has Saints fans dancing for joy and no bigger Saints fan then Owner Tom Benson who appreciates the job Brooks has accomplished in helping the Saints excel on the football turf.

By A.J. Giardina