Bras flap in the Moss Point breeze to fight breast cancer

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - It was quite a sight on the Highway 613 bridge near Moss Point this morning.  Hundreds of bras flapped in the breeze. Each bra carried an important message.  Breast cancer must be defeated.

Nearly 500 people approached the "Bras Across the River" starting line determined to have fun, but also determined to think pink. One of the walkers was Tonya Parnell. "I hope that people will realize that so many are affected by breast cancer," she said just before the walk started.

Parnell lost a dear friend to breast cancer.  Her participation in this "bras across the river" cancer walk paid tribute to that friend, and every other woman stricken by this horrible disease.

As the walkers climbed the Highway 613 bridge, they walked past thousands of women's undergarments.  Many of the bras had messages.  The most powerful message may have come from Mary Thompkins.  "Cancer fears the walkers," wrote on a message board posted at the top of the bridge.

Thompkins' sister beat this dreaded disease in 2008. "Wow just thanking God that she's still here," she said about what she was thinking as she walked to beat breast cancer. "She's a four year survivor of breast cancer. And it's because of things like this, and people like us, and research."

Seeing so many people descend from the top of this high rise bridge, and then turn around and retrace their steps said so much to Parnell. "That we can come together as a community and just strengthen each other," she said.

Singing River Federal Credit Union donated one dollar for every bra hanging along the Highway 613 bridge.

Six thousand bras means $6,000 for cancer research.

For information about breast cancer, and how you can help, click here and we'll take you to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure web page.

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