Man wanted in pot growing investigation turns himself in

Tin Quac Tran (Photo source: Harrison Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Tin Quac Tran (Photo source: Harrison Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Investigators have not wasted any time gathering evidence in the major drug bust in Coventry Estates that netted more than $3 million worth of marijuana.

Officials have honed in on one suspect, 25-year-old Tin Quac Tran, who turned himself in to authorities Thursday.

"We are interviewing him now and we are going to see where all this goes to, but the investigation is in full gear and we are moving forward," Sheriff Melvin Brisolara said.

Those involved in the intricate operation transformed every room in the houses except the foyers into green houses for pot.

"This bust here is one of the biggest I have seen in my 35 years. As far as cultivation of the marijuana goes, it is pretty elaborate. It is the most elaborate I have seen in my career," Brisolara said.

While the sheriff says it is too early to say what led investigators to Tran, he did say he is certain there will be more arrests.

"This is definitely not a one man operation here and it has been up and running for a while now," Brisolara said. "They had an electrician come in, someone that knew something about electrical circuits, to do the wiring. Did that person know what was being done? I'm sure he did know."

Those who are behind growing the more than 400 marijuana plants also went to great lengths to try and keep the smell inside the homes by boarding the windows and fireplaces and sealing them with foam. But the strong scent is what led to the bust.

Brisolara said neighbors began smelling the pot, called the sheriff's department and an officer drove by to check it out.

"I don't want people to think the neighbors were totally unaware of what was going on in their neighborhood. They called us when they could and we reacted," Brisolara said.

Tran is being held on a $400,000 bond for cultivation of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana, which are both felonies.

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