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South Mississippi locations, actors in new film


A company from Los Angeles is in Harrison County shooting the film, "Happylog." It's giving some South Mississippians the chance to show off their talents, while also showing off the beauty of our area.

"We in South Mississippi believe we are a great asset with the beaches, the casinos, and the people, the Southern hospitality," film producer Francisco Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez has started a grassroots organization that promotes movie making on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He believes the six coastal counties are perfect backdrops for film work. That's why he is thrilled to see "Happylog" taking shape.

"Happylog is a film that will take us back to a much simpler time in 1959 where two kids are growing up here and they find their favorite place on the Wolfe River," Gary Thieman explained. "It's a log that's basically fallen down and that's where they discuss life. They learn about girls, they smoke their first cigarette. And it's their favorite place in the world, however it's also the favorite place for the mob."

On this day, a bar that backs up to the river sets the scene.

"We're shooting the card shack. And that's where the Mob has its illegal gambling going on. This is a pretty important scene where our character gets in a little over his head," said Thieman.

The movie has been in the making for nearly 20 years when Director and Executive Producer Gary Thieman lived in what he remembers as a serene Southern culture.

"My experience here, my reality in South Mississippi, was that I found the greatest friends, lifelong friends that I have ever had. And this is about the people on the coast."

More than half of the talent in the film is from South Mississippi. Gonzalez believes this is just the beginning to a successful future of film making in our area.

"It feels great," Gonzalez said. "I am so glad they are filming here and using our talented people."

GRT Productions should wrap up filming on October 23rd. Thieman said you should see "Happylog" premier sometime in the fall of 2013.

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