Page 13: Exploring the coast's natural beauty

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The coast's rich heritage and natural beauty are enjoyed by hundreds of tourists every year when they step on board the Sailfish. The boat in the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor conducts tours of our marine environment and shows visitors what its like to shrimp.

Guests on one trip saw pelicans landing in the Mississippi Sound and a group of playful dolphins swim onto view.

Down below, Brandy Moore is at the wheel of the Sailfish while her husband, Mike, talks about Mississippi shrimp.

"This is a white shrimp. It has antennas twice as long as its body," Moore said as he held up a shrimp caught in the boat's net.

Brandy Moore said she enjoys seeing people react.

"I never thought shrimping was that exciting. We bought the boat and I saw how excited people were. I always took shrimping for granted. I'm in awe when people comment on the shrimp."

A look at the guest log reveals visitors from Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, Iowa and Switzerland. It's a treat to see the net come up filled with shrimp, but it's extra special to see dolphins.

"Sometimes we see four or five. Sometimes we see no dolphins. I tell people that we don't have them on the payroll," said Moore.

When the dolphins appear, the cameras come out. The 42 foot Sailfish has been in operation since 1955. Mike and Brandy Moore are proud that they give people a look at shrimping and the paradise we call South Mississippi.

Mike Moore said it's nice to see people watch. "I like to see them interact with sea life. It's fun to show off the Gulf Coast."

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