South Mississippians have questions for the candidates

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - At Coffee Fusion, the political talk is just as hot as the cups of coffee. Benton Howie plans on watching the debate, but expectations are not high.

"What I expect to hear and what I want to hear are two different things," Howie explained. "I expect to hear the same sort of rhetoric we've been getting, which is basically lies, exaggeration, and dodging."

Dustin Boles said he's looking at the big picture.

"If you're going to believe in the redistribution of wealth, what's the long term effect? If you're going to believe in trickle down economics, and cutting taxes on the high end and letting it trickle down, what's the long term?" Boles asked.

We caught up with Kevin Frazier as he was picking up a few groceries. He also wants to pick up some answers.

"One thing is what they would do to create jobs for the country and another thing of interest would be the deficit as far as lowering the deficit for the country," Frazier commented.

Ashley Campbell said, "As a new mother, I think about the future a lot." She wants to know, "what they're going to do to provide safety for our future, for as far as health care and the deficits and the debt."

Pointing to her one-month-old, she said, "I don't want him to have to worry, my son to have to worry about things being bad when he is my age."

Jeffrey Saucier is an auto mechanic. What goes in the tank is his concern.

"What they're going to do about the gas prices, because it has the most effect on the economy," Saucier said. "They are way too high because when the gas prices go up, then everybody quits spending their money and causes the economy to fall."

Newly retired Cecelia Forman is getting her hair done. She reflects on the question she would ask.

"I just want to know from both candidates how long is Social Security going to last?" Forman asked. "Is it going to last. Are my children going to be able to draw Social Security?"

Drawing out answers in the debate is the top goal of everyone it seems.

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