Seashore Mission Providing Shelter From The Cold

At the Seashore Mission, the homeless have a place to come in from the cold to warm up and share in each others fellowship. Reverand Al Wallace runs the mission on Howard Avenue. He wants people to know that it may be cold outside, but it's always warm in his sanctuary.

"It was cold last night," Rev. Wallace says.  "It was cold enough to open up last night, but these people didn't get the word."

They got the word Sunday, not only of Wallace opening the doors to the Mission, but the word of Wallace's mission to open their hearts to the Lord. Wallace's warmth and hopitality has made a profound impact on those he helps.

"He's been a very good friend," James Burnette says.  "He's helped me out."

Everyday, the mission offers a meal, but after the meal the doors close those without homes start looking for shelter. The recent cold weather has caused Rev. Wallace to open his doors at night, something he usually doesn't do until January. But year round he teaches that there is a light at the end of a tunnel.

"You know the times will get better," one homeless man said.  "The weather won't always be cold and there's places like this to come to."

"It's more than feeling good," Rev. Wallace says. "The things that we should be doing, yes it makes me feel well."