Volunteer Fire Department Burglarized

The East Central Volunteer Fire Department in Jackson County got an unwelcome surprise when they arrived at the station Sunday morning. That's when firefighters discovered a station door wide open and $70,000 in equipment missing.

Investigators say the burglary occurred some time between 5:00pm Saturday and around 5:30 am Sunday.

The first thing firefighters noticed missing was a brand new Ford F350 pick up truck. The truck along with fire fighting equipment on it are worth about $50,000. The thieves also took other items like oxygen tanks, a generator and even the Jaws of Life.

"Anytime you lose $70,000, yes it's gonna hurt," Chief Corky Tigner said. "We do have other trucks that can take its place, but we're gonna have to have to replace some items that were stolen real fast to better serve this community."

Fire officials say $70,000 is just a preliminary estimate. They are not finished determining all the items that may have been stolen.

If you have any information please call the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.