Mosquito Population Rising As Rain Continues To Fall

The month of June has been a wet one with over 10 inches of rain falling in and around South Mississippi. As many of you know, lots of rain brings a few four-legged pests who pack a powerful punch, mosquitoes.

The Harrison County Mosquito Control is keeping busy to make sure this season is bite-free.

"The mosquito population is much higher than it was. We're staying on top of it. We're spraying four to five times a week. We have five to seven trucks out every night of the week. This rain, we get them under control and then we get rain and they're steady hatching," said Harrison County Mosquito Control official Raymond Cuevas.

A larger population of mosquitoes means bigger health risks.

Last year, 83 people were infected in Mississippi by the mosquito-borne illness West Nile virus. Two of those infected died.

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, so there are things we can do to help the Harrison County Mosquito Control "fight the bite."

"The main thing is if the public would watch around the houses, if they have any kind of containers, flower pots, anything like that'll hold water. Keep them emptied out," said Cuevas.

And if that doesn't work, the mosquito fighting truck will be making an appearance in your neighborhood pretty soon.

If you are experiencing an unusual amount of mosquitos around your home or business, call the Harrison County Mosquito Control at 228-896-0409.