Traffic slow going Saturday on Highway 90 in Biloxi-Gulfport

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Anyone taking a drive along Highway 90 in Biloxi and Gulfport on Saturday needed to be prepared for a long, slow ride. Biloxi traffic officers said the massive number of cruisers and spectators make this by far the largest turnout for Cruisin' The Coast ever.

At approximately 5 PM, Sgt. Darrell Montiforte who oversees the traffic division said the westbound traffic on Highway 90 was backed up from Hard Rock Casino all the way to DeBuys Road. There were also traffic delays on Pass Road, Irish Hill Drive and I-110 southbound.

Traffic was at a crawl near where I-110 meets Highway 90 in Biloxi. Drivers said it was the same story down most of 90.

"Edgewater Mall is gridlock just like it is here," said Vernon Gazzo of Vancleave. "All the way from Edgewater to here which is about five miles, it's solid traffic."

Many drivers said they didn't mind the slow going because they said it's part of the fun.

Allen Danner is a member of Pine Belt Antique Auto Club.

"Getting out there, hitting the breaks, riding the clutch, that's all part of the fun," Danner said.

"You have to be super patient and be enjoying the ride," said Ted Mangum of Laurel. "We're just having a ball. Doesn't matter about the traffic when you're having fun."

Of course, not everyone was in the mood to be patient. People were driving illegally on the shoulder to try and cut out a little time.

"Everybody is changing lanes and everybody is thinking they can get somewhere a little quicker," said Mangum. "So just be careful, and take your time. You'll get there eventually."

Despite the heavy traffic, some people feel Cruisin' still has room to grow.

"A lot of them people are not registered. They're just here to enjoy," said Gazzo. "So they could expand it out a little bit further. They might even have to go into like Gautier and Pascagoula. People love to get out here cruise back and forth. That's one of the main draws of this event. "

At 5 PM, Gulfport Police said Highway 90 from Highway 49 East was very congested. Officers said traffic was also heavy on Pass Road in Gulfport, mostly with locals trying to avoid Highway 90. Officers advise people to drive carefully and be diligent.

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