Operation Hero sheds light for kids on military deployments

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Saturday, children whose moms and dads fight for our country had the opportunity to see parts of what their parents go through when they are deployed. Although "Operation Hero" was a fun day for kids, it proved to be an educational tool, as well.

Artillery weapons normally held by U.S. Troops in the field, on this day, were in the hands of youngsters who want to know what it's like to fight for freedom.

One seaman said about one weapon, "You grab that side. It's too big; you guys are going to have to share. You are going to grab the front, and you are going to grab the back."

Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Fisher has been deployed overseas several times, including a tour to Kuwait. Through his eyes, Operation Hero is more than just camo face paint for his son.

"[I want] him to have a better understanding of what we do in the military and some of the sacrifices that the men and women here especially here at Keesler undergo each and every day in their deployments," Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Fisher said.

"I think the mom and dads do a great job of preparing their kids when they deploy. However, when they come out here, they get to see first hand some of the things they actually go through."

Tech Sgt. Marcus Hogsten said, "We have a line for deployments. The kids are coming in and getting dog tags as well as immunization shots of kool aid."

From medical re-enactments to physical fitness tests, Hogsten said the goal is to have the children leave the day with an appreciation and better understanding of what their parents do while deployed.

Hogsten added, "So, when mom or dad comes home and explains what they have done for the day, the kids will have a better understanding of it."

Children and teachers from local schools were also invited out to the event.

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