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Stion Solar Plant and GSREIA hope to save Mississippians money


With a major solar manufacturing plant in Hattiesburg, President of Gulf States Renewable Energy Industries Association Tucker Crawford believes that now is the time to bring in a tax credit program that benefit the residents and the businesses.

"The one in Louisiana has been very successful, its created many, many jobs, its created additional tax base," said Crawford. "We're creating a foundation for the future, for our industry, and we think that can translate to Mississippi. 

Senior Partner at Gulf South Strategies Brian Trascher hopes that the upcoming tax credit bill will pass and help consumers save money.

"The bill is going to create a tax credit for people that want to purchase solar systems for either their homes or business," said Trascher. " The way it works is when the system is installed, you can apply for a tax credit through the state."

Stion's Vice President of Business Development and Marketing Frank Yang believes that not only will the renewable energy tax credit bill help the state but will also increase the solar energy market which will then increase jobs.

"For every solar manufacturing job, two additional jobs are created if the installation takes place here locally," said Yang. "So we really hope that the market will continue to grow and we look forward to continuing working with our customers and partners to do that."

Louisiana's solar industry has seen hundreds of well-paid jobs and has helped thousands of homeowners and companies save on utility bills. GSREIA hopes the proposed 2013 bill can be just as powerful in Mississippi.

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