Water Pipes Need Protection From Low Temps

Experts say low temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst. If that happens, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for repairs.

Houses that are elevated from the ground are the most vulnerable to pipe damage and owners should be especially cautious. Experts suggest you insulate pipes or put up some type of barrier to block the wind.

Another good idea is to buy pipe wrap. Also don't forget to turn on your faucets. It is much harder for running water to freeze.

Tom Recore, a plumber explained what causes the pipes to burst.

"The water standing in the pipes expands and it expands against the inside of pipes," Recore says.  "It actually tears and rips the metal apart and when it thaws out you have water everywhere underneath the house."

Once pipes burst you may be without water. And if there is extensive pipe damage throughout south Mississippi, it may be difficult to find to plumber to make speedy repairs.