3 departments pull officers from Jackson Co. Narcotics Task Force

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  As each hour passes today, we're learning just a bit more about the Tuesday night accident on Highway 90 that had to rip the hearts out of so many people.  That accident killed eight-year-old Blake Terrell.  By now, you probably know Blake was with his family last night checking out the Cruisin the Coast hot rods.  The boy suddenly darted into traffic and got hit by a westbound car.

A short time ago, we learned the driver of that car was an 18 year old.  Police are saying he probably won't be charged, because he wasn't at fault. We have the latest on the investigation on WLOX News at 10:00.

The Jackson County Narcotics Task Force appears to be in serious trouble.  We just learned Gautier, Moss Point and Pascagoula are yanking their officers out of the task force.  Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd calls that decision divisive, and he says, "It does not promote teamwork among the agencies."  We're delving into this breaking news.  As soon as we learn what it could mean for police work in Jackson County, we'll let you know.

Wait until you see the debris volunteers discovered when they launched boats into Gulfport Lake.   They were on the lake this morning to help with the "Renew Our Rivers" cleanup initiative.  Danielle Thomas was with the volunteers.  You'll see what they bagged up on WLOX News at 6:00.

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Have a great night.