Moss Point Teens Learn The Value Of Hard Work

Some Moss Point teens are getting a taste of what it's like to join the working world. Ten juniors and seniors have signed up for a summer work program with the city of Moss Point.

The students are working with the city's Parks and Recreation Department. The bulk of their duties include pulling weeds, trimming hedges and picking up trash throughout the city. But the teens are also learning about more than just landscaping.

"I've learned money management skills... to spend my money on good things... things I need," says Chaz Hunter an eleventh grader at Moss Point High.

Hunter has spent very little of the money he's earned because he's saving it to buy something he knows he'll need to be successful in life.

"I needed to save money for college funds and other things in the future," says Hunter.

Christopher Wells, also a junior, is learning valuable lessons as well.

"Money management, the value of a dollar, and just to apply myself in everything I do," Wells says.

"It gives me a good feel of what hard work is all about. When I look at my parents and what they do to support me and my little brother and sister, it lets me know what lengths you have to go to to provide for your family."

Christine Downs is one of two girls working in the summer program. She and DeMiracle Biggs are usually in charge of cleaning city buildings. It's not exactly what she wants to do with her future, but Downs says she's learning some things that will help her later in her career as a traveling nurse.

"The more you work with other people the better it is for me, especially going into the nursing field. It'll help me be more comfortable around people, so it'll help me in the long run."

As part of the program, the students are also required to spend about an hour a day in the classroom polishing their resume writing and interviewing skills.