Recall Talk Surfaces In Mississippi

Maryann Graczyk is on the board of the Mississippi AFL-CIO. That union just approved a 14 point resolution that demands the immediate recall of Governor Haley Barbour.

"If he isn't going to do the job, then we don't need him as governor," said Graczyk.

The union's recall resolution says Governor Barbour has no compassion for a majority of Mississippians. It claims the governor turned his back on education. And most recently, the union contends Barbour's Medicaid cuts put the well being of thousands of Mississippians in serious jeopardy.

"So our members decided that they would pursue a recall based on that," Graczyk said. "It may have to be settled in the courts."

The AFL-CIO believes it has a constitutional right to gather signatures and petition for the immediate recall of the Governor of Mississippi. But according to the Secretary of State's office, this is not California. Mississippi law does not give its citizens the right to recall a governor.

When contacted about the recall petition, a spokesman for Governor Barbour said, "It should be no surprise that the union doesn't like Governor Barbour and his efforts to save Mississippi Medicaid from going broke," because the governor is a republican, and the union almost always supports democrats.

Back at her union office, Maryann Graczyk said even if the recall doesn't work, the petitions will send a message.

"I think at this point, we're trying to say that there are a significant number of people who are dissatisfied with a number of things that he's doing," she said.

But Graczyk also said she did not know how many signatures had been collected so far.

Eighteen states have provisions in their constitutions that allow governors or other statewide elected leaders to be recalled. Again, Mississippi is not one of those states.