Some cruisers roll down memory lane

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Some classic cars lovers say Cruisin' the Coast is a ticket for a ride back in time. This week thousands of antique cars are rolling up and down the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Some people look at the beautiful cars and see the symbols of their youth. While for younger people, the classic cars are a history lesson on how vehicles have evolved over the years. What every generation sees is that the cars are awesome.

Memories of Friday night swim dances and drive-in movies came flooding back for Loretta Blackburn of Ohio. She and other people who were teens in the 50s and 60s said Cruisin' the Coast offers a sense of nostalgia.

"It brings out the youth in you. You feel like you want to go to the sock hop," said Blackburn. "We feel like dancing with our Pat Boone white bucks and our black and white saddles and just having a good time."

Chester Wimberley said, "It just brings you back in time. I guess as we get older, we remember all these things. It brings back the memories of those days."

Those people not old enough to remember those good old days said they are just as fascinated with the classic cars.

J.J. Lee of Picayune drove all the way to Iowa to buy his father his dream car, a 1957 Chevy convertible. Lee said younger generations also enjoy a ride in a classic car.

"We like them and we study about them. Find out what they used to do in them," Lee said. "Just an old car. Got to like it."

Deangela Walker of Gautier was amazed how vehicles have evolved over time. "The whole technology of this country of cars. Technology has really came a long way."

Christine Carroll is the proud owner of a 1965 Chevy C-10 that was built three years before she was born.

"Some have these really fast motors," Carroll said. "I guess for the younger generation it's the fast motors and the things they do to sup them up a little bit to make them a little more modern."

It is also a chance for generations to bond.

Carroll said, "Especially you see younger people walking around with their grandparents and their parents. Their grandparents or parents talking about 'When I was your age I had this or that or we had wheels like that'".

Cruisin' officials said as of Tuesday at 5pm they had registered 5,403 vehicles so far. Last year's grand total of cars was 5,448.

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