WLOX Editorial: Other communities should follow Moss Point's truancy crackdown

We are encouraged to see the attitude the Moss Point School system is taking toward truancy. Moss Point is trying to raise its student attendance rate from 93% to at least 96%. The school system along with community leaders and city officials are making it one of their top priorities this year.

The new Moss Point Schools Superintendent, Dr. Maggie Griffin says "if they're not here, we cannot teach them. And if they are not here with us, where are they?"

Community leader, the Reverend Larry Hawkins Senior, also expressed concern over the situation, and is heeding the call for everyone in the community to help. He says, "We're volunteering our time and our services and our organizations such as our churches and our community groups to be available to assist the school district."

Police Chief Keith Davis says, "I believe that if we get out there and we do a very hard beginning to this, we're going to send a message to children and we are going to get those classrooms filled back up."

It is encouraging to see the school district and citizens of Moss Point concerned enough about their children that they are making an extra effort to make sure children are in school each day learning and not hanging out on a street corner.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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