Cruising and camping go together

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A growing number of Cruisers are also campers. You can find the evidence on virtually every vacant piece of property along Highway 90. Those normally empty lots are prime spots for "RV villages."

Lee Robinson lives in Diamondhead.  But this week, the RV community next to South Beach Hotel in Biloxi is home.

"We live close by. So, we could go home. But you miss a lot of the experience. This way we're able to set up here. We get up first thing in the morning and have our coffee watching classic cars roll by. We go to bed watching classic cars go by. How can it be any better?" said Robinson.

His Aunt Betty is a Cruisin' the Coast veteran. She drove her '68 El Camino Super Sport down from Granite City, Illinois, just outside St. Louis.

"Oh yes, this is probably my tenth or eleventh time," said Betty Neeley. "I like everything about it. Cars. Food. A lot of nice people from all over."

Friends from Louisiana are among the camping crowd.  They've got the classic cars, the RVs, even the family dog, Lexie.

"We love this little community. It's quiet and it's relaxing. We have the beach on one side and the cars passing on the other side. Can't get any better than this," said Vince Autin.

They're expecting 15 or 16 campers with about a hundred friends and family from Cajun' country.

"Jambalaya this weekend. A big bowl. Gentleman is going to come out and cook some jambalaya. And then we're going to have some boiled crabs. Louisiana crabs!" said an excited William Hebert.

Just like the classic cars that visit the coast, the RVs have a wide range in price, from the smallest pop-up camper to the most elaborate, expensive tour bus you can imagine.

Most all the campers have prime spots along the busy beach front highway, ready made for some Cruisin' fun.

"You've got the gulf right behind us. Beautiful weather. Beautiful day. How can you beat it?" said Lee Robinson.

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