Crusin' the Coast rides through Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - There have been a lot of modern day changes to the city of Long Beach and its roadways; however, on Monday night, it was all about the vintage rides with a genuine feel of the 40's, 50's and 60's.

The seemingly never ending line of old school cars was a breath taking sight. Proving that the event is growing more and more popular each year. Pre-registration numbers for this year show that 4,882 cars signed up. That's 657 more hot rods than last year.

Crusin' officials are expecting to shatter records this year with an overwhelming 6,000 vintage car owners making their way to the coast. Considering the detailing that goes into each car, that's millions of dollars worth of property on display. Some the folks in the crowd say they appreciate how much work goes into maintaining such beauties.

"It's easier to see how awesome it is. To understand how long they've been through it and what they've been through. How much money they spend to get them like that, it's awesome! I love it," Lexi Nolen said.

For the Cruisers, it's just another day to bask in the hard work they put into their classic rides.

"I love it! Every year we have it; it's always fun. When you smell all the exhaust fumes, it just gets you," Classic Car Owner Gary Strain said.

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