Cruisin' organizers expect to set a registration record

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  I just got off the phone with Cruisin the Coast's Woody Bailey.  He's pretty sure the 16th annual classic car showcase will set a registration record.  The expectation is nearly 6,000 antique cars will cruise up and down the coast between now and Sunday.

When I asked Bailey whether the area can handle that much traffic, he said, "That's exactly what I'm going to be focusing on."

Bailey knows the beachfront hotels in Harrison County are virtually full.  So, the focus is getting people to check into Hancock County inns.

He also knows police agencies are ready to vent traffic, if Highway 90 gets too crowded.  "I think we can handle it," Bailey said, noting the Cruisin the Coast board would be carefully monitoring daily activities "to see how we handle this larger group that's going to be here this year."

If you're going to Cruisin the Coast, take some pictures, and send them to  We'd love to see them on our website.

We hope some of those pictures come from Pass Christian.  The city hosted its inaugural Cruisin the Coast party today.  And we hear it was a huge success.

Tonight, the annual Long Beach parade rolls from the high school to the harbor.  And we'll have coverage of the parade on WLOX News.

If you're wondering where you can see these mint condition vehicles, head down to Highway 90.  You're bound to see most of the cars parading up and down the beachfront.

For an exact location of where Cruisin the Coast activities will be held during its Sweet 16 celebration, log onto and check out our Cruisin the Coast schedule.

Have a great night.