Confession in 12-Year-Old Murder Case

Investigators reopened the case earlier this month when Steve Roman, for some unknown reason, decided to talk from his cell at East Mississippi Correctional Facility.

Before Gary Mount was murdered, Jackson County Sheriff's Investigators say he had legally changed his name to Erica Renee Mount and was planning to undergo a sex change operation. On the night of July 9, 1988, investigators say Mount spent a few hours inside the old LeBistro nightclub in Biloxi, a club officers say was frequented by gays.

"I believe that was the last place he was seen by friends at LeBistro when he met an unkown male at that time and left," Jackson County Investigator Mick Sears says.

Sears says the person Mount left with was Steve Roman.

Sheriff's records show the two drove in Mount's car to Daisy Vestry Road near the Harrison/Jackson County line. That's where Roman allegedly shot Mount once in the chest.

"He did admit to shooting Erica Renee Mount who he called Roberta back then. It was one of her AKA's, I think Roberta, Candy she went by several, several different aliases," Sears says.

Mount managed to run to a nearby house begging for help. Harrison and Jackson County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a 911 call and found Mount dead on the ground. The next day Mount's car was found near a cemetary just inside Harrison County.

Officers put together a suspect composite but no one was ever arrested for Mount's murder. In 1989, Steve Roman burglarized and torched a D'Iberville dentist office. He is serving time for those crimes and for kidnapping a woman before being wounded and captured by deputies.

Harrison County investigator Andy Calvanese says he has not doubt Roman killed Gary Mount too.

"It was pretty obvious he knew exactly what happened," Calvanese says.  "He was very, very descriptive as to the scene, type of weapon that was used, the actual firing of the weapon at Mr. Mount and where the bullet struck Mr. Mount."

Officers will talk with Roman again next week to try to find out why he allegedly killed Mount. The new evidence was presented to the Jackson County Grand Jury Thursday.  If an indictment is returned, it will be for murder charges.