Traffic Light Taken Down And Residents Are Upset

Traffic on highway 90 in Moss Point stays pretty heavy. Now, there's one less traffic light on the roadway, and that has residents worried.

"We can't do without that light out here," Moss Point resident William C. Stork says.  "They're going to have to come back out here and put that light back up."

He's not the only one who feels that way.

"It's just so dangerous there, and we have several wrecks that's happened there even with the red light," Moss Point resident Donald Gregory says.

The light at the intersection of highway 90 and Kreole Avenue came down Wednesday. An engineer with the Department of Transportation told WLOX News that it's rare that a stop light is removed.  But he says a traffic survey found the intersection's not busy enough to need a light.

Complaints prompted a second survey of traffic patterns, and MDOT says it actually found decrease of cars using Kreole Avenue and the other side streets around Highway 90. But the people who drive these roads everyday disagree.

"The people that live here, Ingalls, trains, it's going to be a mess," Ingalls worker Timothy Adams says. "People are trying to beat the traffic to get out, and somebody's going to get killed."

MDOT is looking into other options for traffic control at Kreole and Highway 90. Until they are in place, drivers say they will have to deal with added danger.