Gov. Barbour's Four Point Medicaid Transition Plan

  1. Time to Transition An administrative delay in implementation of the shift from Medicaid to Medicare for PLADs beneficiaries - from July 1 to September 15, 2004 - an additional 11 weeks of transition time. 
  2. Early Enrollment Federal cooperation to allow Mississippi PLADs beneficiaries an exclusive advance enrollment opportunity for Medicare prescription drug cards and some patient assistance programs. 
  3. Sign-Up Assistance Implementation of a 77 day public education plan to contact all 47,000 PLADs beneficiaries to assist them with their enrollment in the correct prescription plans. 
  4. Good News for At-Risk Beneficiaries Additional time for continued positive waiver negotiations with federal officials which will allow 18,000 at-risk beneficiaries to remain on Medicaid.

For more information on Mississippi's Medicaid charges, call Gov. Barbour's Medicaid hotline at 1-800-421-2408.