Isaac brings hundreds of hummingbirds to a Biloxi woman's yard

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Hurricane Isaac wreaked havoc on many areas of South Mississippi, leaving behind lots of ugly debris. But in that aftermath, a Biloxi woman is finding the beauty of nature.

"Hundreds of hummingbirds and they're just buzzing all around your head," Lynne Sandifar said of her post-Isaac guests.

Sandifar has 26 feeders set up for the birds, which she fills daily with sweet nectar. She said it's just like the saying goes, 'if you build it, they will come.'

"We may have seen larger numbers even during Hurricane Isaac. I sat in the house and watched and it did not stop them from feeding."

Sandifar said she first saw the influx of the birds right after Hurricane Katrina. But she hasn't seen that many again, until now.

"They show up migrating back from all of the North from up to Alaska and Canada and they start coming back through here to head to Mexico for the winter. They all stop here and they try to fuel up before they make that long flight across the coast and that's about a 23 hour flight," said Sandifar.

But, as much as these creatures brighten her day, she said with every blessing, there's a curse.

"After they're here a long time, they'll attract snakes," said Sandifar.

Sandifar said the hummingbirds will all be gone within the week. But, when they come back next year, she'll be waiting.

"I will as long as I'm able. I always will," said Sandifar.

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