Bay St. Louis gears up for Cruisin'

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - The folks in Bay St. Louis are working hard to get ready for Cruisin' the Coast. In the past, the Bay has been voted the most popular stop on the Cruisin' tour by the classic car lovers. And a lot of folks want to hold on to that title.

The work load for employees in the city's public works and beautification departments has intensified over the past two weeks.

"This is very important to us," said Bay St. Louis Beautification Director Jimmy Loiacano. "This is probably one of the biggest events that ever comes to Bay St. Louis."

Crews are busy cutting grass, cleaning gutters and picking up trash.

"Trying to get it looking nice in town so when the Cruisers come through they are not looking at high grass. Hurricane Isaac sat us back a little bit," said Bay St. Louis Public Works Director Buddy Zimmerman.

Isaac's flood waters damaged several street lights that city leaders say will need repairing before the cruisers arrive.

"The flooding on 603 flooded a lot of the light bases and the engineers are looking at those problems right now assessing the damages and making a work item some we can get them repaired," explained Zimmerman.

Some 20 damaged street lights on Highway 90 have already been repaired.

"Highway 603 and Highway 90 are the gateways into our city. A lot of time when a person comes into the city, the first thing they're going to see is what they're going to judge your city on. We want to put on a good face so that they will come back again and again."

Cruisin' the Coast marks its Sweet 16 this year. The fun officially begins Sunday and runs through October 14th.

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