South Mississippi voters eager to hear economic solutions

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney will square-off  Wednesday night in the first of three presidential debates. The first debate will focus on domestic issues, including of course, the economy.

Do people care about the debates and will they be watching? WLOX News talked with voters in South Mississippi about the presidential debates and asked which issues voters are most concerned about.

"It's important to get a view of what each candidate is presenting and what they intend to do to resolve our national crisis of unemployment. Our medical care. Just everything in general. And bring the economy back," said one middle aged, female voter.

"It's something that's been devastating a lot of people. Everybody's been out for jobs and looking for jobs. And it's getting harder and harder. So, I think everyone should watch it and learn from it. See what's going on," added a young man.

"I don't like the way the country has been going for the last four years. And we need to see some changes. And I think it's important to really get involved. I do vote each election," said a senior citizen.

Based on the voters we talked with, both candidates had better have some good ideas about their number one issue: The economy.

"I think it's real important. We've got to get the people back to work. And I guess the one that comes up with the best platform to take and get it started, that's what everybody's waiting on," said one African-American man.

"It means everything to our security right now, especially for us seniors," said one woman.

"I think it's a question of which way this country's going, the right way or the wrong way. Right now, we're going the very wrong way. I'm a Nazi Germany survivor and right now I'm crying about what's happening in this country," said an elderly female.

As for whether either candidate will have that "defining debate moment," only time will tell.

"I just know Obama and Romney is going at it tonight," said one young man.

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