Connecticut Youth Group Hammers Out Service In Gulfport

The rain could not dampen the sound of progress in Soria City.

"We've been doing a lot of scraping. We did this whole side of the house. And then we just started doing caulking. And I learned how to caulk," said youth worker Elizabeth Martin.

The Wilton Congregational Youth Group is learning quite a few skills while repairing six homes in this neighborhood on 19th Street.

This is their summer mission for the year.

But while learning how to be construction-savvy, this group is learning much more.

"This is an opportunity for them to serve, and anytime you serve someone, you're the one who ends up getting the most benefit. It gives them a chance to understand a unique culture, understand the unique needs of a different place, and an opportunity to do something about those unique needs," said WCC Youth Ministries director Ken McGarry.

And according to residents, there was definitely a need for improvement here - a need this group of people have helped to satisfy by volunteering.

"These kids are beautiful. They're wonderful and I just like to see it working together and especially youth of today. It's beautiful. It's helping the community because we need a boost up for the community, making the community look better. But also encouraging and motivating others as far as bringing the community together and working as unity," said Soria City Civic Organization president Dorothy McClendon.

And even though this group has only been here one day, that's enough time to form an opinion of South Mississippi.

"I love it. Everyone's really nice. It rains a lot, but it's nice. I like it a lot," said Martin.

The group will be here until next Friday, and they would like to thank Sherwin Williams, Lumber 84, as well as Lowe's for donating various items, helping them to complete their summer mission.