Prosecutor: Warr has no right to appeal his plea

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Brent Warr made his deal and should have to abide by it.  That's the federal government's position on a request from the former Gulfport mayor to have his record cleared.

Last month Warr, asked the court to drop his plea deal on Katrina fraud charges.  In those court papers, Warr said the government withheld information that would have kept him from admitting to the fraud in 2009.

Warr and his wife Laura were both charged with defrauding the government out of Katrina grant money to repair their beachfront home.  The former Gulfport mayor's 2009 plea bargain included having the charges against his wife dropped.

In court papers filed by the prosecution, the U.S. Attorney asked for Warr's motion be dismissed.  The government argued the plea deal benefited Warr and his wife, and that Warr gave up his right for any kind of appeal or reconsideration.

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