Storm moves North Hancock Co. home off its foundation

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The severe weather that swept through the coast Sunday shook up a lot of people, some more than others. The Crosby family said they almost died when what appeared to be a tornado touched down on their property in the White Cypress Lakes community of North Hancock County.

"I was seconds from going through that roof right there," said Shawna Crosby.

Crosby said she and her ex-husband were almost sucked through the roof of her porch.

"We noticed a gust of wind. We didn't think to much about it and then the rain and everything came," Crosby remembered. "Next thing we knew, he said, 'Get in the house now!' It was a tornado."

Just as they got inside, she said they were thrown to the floor.

"It threw me first, then he went to help me get up and it threw us back again onto the floor. And, of course, all of the dishes came out of the cabinets."

She said once the ruckus stopped, they were shocked at what they discovered. The house had lifted off of its foundation and moved back about ten feet, crushing everything underneath it.

"The whole house inside, the walls are all cracked. The ceiling is coming away from the attic area. There's no water. It busted all the water lines and pretty much just sat down on everything."

She said officials with FEMA told her the house is not safe to live in.

"It's not habitable at all. It lifted the toilet out of the bathroom. It's beyond repair it will have to be rebuilt."

Her neighbor's home just down the street was also damaged, but not nearly as bad.

"The Red Cross is going to put me up for a few days and it's just in God's hands after that."

Crosby does not have homeowners insurance and lives on a fixed income. Anyone who would like to help the family rebuild can make a donation at any Hancock Bank branch in Shawna Crosby's name.

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