Guest Editorial: Parents can help their children become lifelong learners

The evidence shows preparing preschoolers for school is plain and simple; there are many things parents can do to help their children become lifelong learners before they begin school.

It is amazing what a little $4.00 bottle of water-based paint will do. Using a paper plate, a paper towel, or a piece of notebook paper, let your child paint his letters with his fingers or trace his hand. Such simple activities that help with your child's development.

Just like adults, children love to be appreciated for their work. Cover your refrigerator with their drawings and paintings. Talk to them about what they drew or painted. Guide them as they produce work. When it is all completed, take them down and turn these works into a book so your toddler can give it to a relative for a Christmas present.  A simple gift, but think of the positive outcomes your preschooler will experience.

Our Mississippi Gulf Coast possesses one of the greatest notebooks in the world, our beach. Take your preschooler there, help him write his name or draw a picture in the sand. Imagine the creative adventures that he could experience.

Creative, parent-led activities for preschoolers foster the talents that they will use for the remainder of their lives. But, here is something that you can definitely count on-- if you do nothing with your infants or toddlers, then education will be a struggle for them every day. So as their parent, take the time today, every day to engage your preschoolers in activities to foster creativity, learning, and self-confidence.

Guest Editorialist: 
Glen East
Gulfport Schools Superintendent

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