Expansion in the works for Dedeaux Road in Gulfport

Above is a rendering for the expansion project.
Above is a rendering for the expansion project.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Dedeaux Road in Gulfport is expected to have a makeover, one the City of Gulfport believes it desperately needs.

While the widening project is still in the early planning stages, people who own property just off of Dedeaux Road believe it will be a win project for residents and businesses.

Some members from the Gulfport City council believe Dedeaux Road could transform into a clean, multi-million dollar business corridor.

Ward six councilman R.Lee Flowers said, "We have about $7 million to do the project."

Flowers said the ultimate goal is to widen this heavily traveled road from Highway 49 east to 605 creating more traffic lanes.

"Most of the road will be a four lane boulevard or a five lane with a middle turn lane. Quicker access to 605 or on over to Highway 49," said Flowers.

Scott Delano represents DDR, which owns nearly 90 acres of property that sits on the north and south sides of Dedeaux Road west of 605.

DDR hopes to see that land eventually develop into multiple businesses. Delano said the city's vision of the Dedeaux Road project is brilliant, because new lanes will create traffic flow.

Scott Delano said, "Anytime you have an increase in traffic flow it is a great seed for new development and a higher demand for businesses to locate in the area."

Delano believes the widening project can do nothing, but help the city and its residents.

Delano added, "Increase tax base for the area, sales taxes for the area and it also provides additional services for residents that live on this side of town."

Flowers said, "Eventually there is no doubt in anyone's mind that Dedeaux Road will be a business corridor. It may never be as big as a businesses corridor as Highway 49, and we don't want it to look that way. We want it to be upscale and an enhancement to the folks that live in the neighborhoods that surround Dedeaux Road."

Flowers said they are looking to see what parts of the road will be widened first. He believes phase one will consist of widening the very most eastern and western parts of Dedeaux Road.

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