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Pascagoula kids donate lemonade stand money to help battle hunger


Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen in Pascagoula now has more money to feed the needy thanks to a group of generous kids. Five best friends decided to use their lemonade stand to raise money to help battle hunger.

Jennifer, Morgan, Katy, Paige and Felicity may be young, but these elementary school kids are not naive when it comes to the hunger problem in their community. 

"When you think about people out there, who didn't get fed for weeks, you feel really bad," Katy Hess said.

"If they are starving, you don't want them to die or anything," Jennifer Youngblood said.

The  issue kept tugging at their little hearts until they came up with the great idea to setup a lemonade stand earlier this month and give the money to Our Daily Bread.  

"We really need to help the world and help the hunger." Morgan McClain said. 

The kids sold cups of lemonade and sweet treats for 25 cents. The stand attracted customers from all over wanting to support.  

"At first we doubted no one was coming, but we kept doing it, and people started coming and they were very excited we were doing it," Hess said. 

Hess' parents even matched the amount of money the girls' raised. 

Connie Hess said they raised $101.33.

"My husband matched it and we brought $202. 60 or something like for Our Daily Bread," Connie Hess said. 

Sunday, the girls and their parents presented the money to Our Daily Bread, and also severed hot meals to the needy. 

Our Daily Bread's director was overwhelmed by these kids' kindness and she said the money will go to good use. 

"Last month we served 9,980, and the month before that it was 11,000. The numbers have decreased because school has started back, but we are still feeding a lot of children now," Our Daily Bread's Director Mary Meldren said.

These elementary school girls said they don't want the praise, they are just happy to help.  

This is just the start of their charitable giving. The group plans to setup a lemonade stand once a month to help raise money for the needy. 

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