Neighbors Say Waveland Waste Water Treatment Plant Not Up To Par

The Governale family lives about a block and a half away from the Waste Water Treatment plant.  They say waste water headed to the plant is ending up inside their house.

"This has happened three times," Treva Governale says.  "The last time this has happened in our home, it was during the night.  We woke up with water, sewer water, in our house.  We've had to remove furniture.  We've had to remove the carpet from the house.

The Governales say Thanksgiving Day, five other residents in the area had the same problem.

"I'd like to see the problem rectified," Tony Governale says.  "Obviously something is not right down there."

"Since the casinos have come in, the area has grown so much," Trena Governale says.  "We've had new homes come up, hotels come up, and the sewer plant just can't handle the flow of sewage that's going down the street on this main line."

Plant officials say they don't know what's causing the back-ups, but say the plant is not over capacity. They say the wastewater plant can handle up to 4-million gallons a day, but have never exceeded 3 and half million gallons.

Still, a $7 million upgrade is on the way, which plant officials say will prevent problems in the future.

"Right now, most of the flow is coming in from the Eastern side of the treatment facility," plant operations consultant Gary Beard says.  "What we hope to do in this new program is open up new corridors so flow can come in from the Southern and Western side of the treatment facility."

That work is expected to begin early next year. That's news the Governales and others are happy to hear.