The Biloxi Indians Basketball Team Is Back At Full Strength

Biloxi Indians Head Coach John Pugh has another multi-talented basketball team that's capable of going back to the "5A" State Championship tournament. It all begins with 6 foot 5 forward Chey Christie. Chey can do it all, and he has except for the past two weeks when he hit the bench, out with a broken finger.

Bad news for the opposition.. Chey is back. He's crucial to Biloxi's success.

Biloxi head coach John Pugh says, "You talk about 25-plus points per game, 9 rebounds per game, 3 steals and 3 assists per game. You take that out of any ball club, and they're scrambling.  We've been scrambling here lately, and its going to be nice to get him back in the lineup."

Chey signed with the Clemson Tigers choosing the ACC school over Arizona. He selected the Tigers because he likes the coach and his brother played there. Signing early has taken pressure off the talented senior.

"I get to concentrate on my studies and concentrate on the main goal, winning the State Championship," Chey says.

What are Chey's strong points that make him an outstanding basketball player? Chey says, " Going to the basket and probably my defense."

Chey is Biloxi's backbone, but his teammates help make the Indians jell as a cohesive unit.

There's Tim Jones who's bagging almost 13 points an outing. Foreign exchange student Richard Wellings comes from a long way, England.  And he loves dialing long distance, drilling 10 points a game. Ashton Vereen, Terrell Jordan, and Sophomore Leroy Causey add punch to the Indians solid combination on the basketball court.

In 11 games, the Indians have posted 8 wins and 3 setbacks.

By A.J. Giardina